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Microinfluencer is a hub of information, guides and tutorials to help social media users with a more modest following become micro influencers.

Studies show that up to 93% of people turn to internet-based reviews to help them to make shopping decisions, and with many of those reviews coming from bloggers, vloggers, and Instagrammers, it is high time that brands open their eyes to the wealth of marketing opportunities available through micro influencers.


Why focus on micro influencers?

You’ve seen musicians, sports stars and reality TV personalities take social media selling by the horns and plug brand names to their millions – or thousands – of followers. But these macro -influencers are beginning to lose traction, their brand partnerships are becoming more obscure and followers are turning to faces they can trust for their shopping recommendations.

That’s where micro influencers come in.


What is a micro influencer?

By definition, micro influencers have smaller followings than other social media influencers – usually between 3,000 and 10,000. This might seem quite average to the untrained eye, but those communities tend to feature more trust, tighter friendships and a more influential connection than followers of celebrities.

Micro influencers broadcast their opinions to their followers and influence purchasing decisions every day – whether intentionally or not. Sponsored posts are an obvious influential tactic, but micro influencer’s followers often decide to purchase items just because they have seen someone they look up to wearing or using it. Whether it’s the latest MAC eyeshadow, or a cute Primark t-shirt, brands benefit from micro influencers – even when they are not paying them.


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